Massive Tips For Seo And Backlinks

I have decided to dedicate and full post on the importance of SEO and backlinks and some of the white-hat and Google friendly methods of building natural backlinks to your blog or money site. This post will be informing you about backlinks and why are they so important in increasing the visibility of your blog or money site on the various search engines. Now there are many methods to build backlinks and with the ever increasing penalties by Google, if you do not adhere to natural ways of building links sooner or later your site will be slapped by some or the other Google Penalty.


Importance Of Building High Quality Backlinks

Nowadays Google does not spare even the slightest of grey and shady backlinking methods as their algorithms have become stricter by the hour. That’s why if you want your blog or money site to naturally grow in Serp rankings and be there for a long period of time, webmasters need to practice total genuine and white-hat SEO and high quality backlinks pointing to their site.

1. Growing in Search Rankings

Yes! You always want your posts to be out there when a potential visitor types in a search query and it is possible when your on page SEO is great with natural backlinks pointing to your site with the similar query as the anchor text. Though anchor texts are very important and every webmaster should maintain a healthy variation of anchor text. This will help you target various long tail keywords similar to the highly searched keyword.

2. Passing Of Page Rank

The main reason of webmaster targeting high PR blogs and authority domains with guest posts wanting do-follow backlinks to their blogs is due the passing of link juice and page Rank. Guest posting to high PR blogs for high quality backlinks goes a long way in improving your site’s search engine visibility.

3. More Visibility Means More Revenue

Now the more you are visible on various search engines, the more people will stumble upon your blog. And if you have properly set up your sales funnel on your site, then this traffic will easily convert and bring in a lot of revenue and profits.

Here I will talk about some of the best methods to get serp increasing backlinks to your website and money site. Here I will talk about the importance of getting backlinks from article directories, guest blogging oh high PR sites for link juice, blog commenting and many more. So here are some of the no-nonsense tips and tricks to get quality and juicy backlinks to your blog now.

1. Social Bookmarking

It has been already proved that Google are changing algorithms to incorporate the social signals of a blog. The more the content is being talked upon various social sites, the more it helps you get nice serps

on search engines as well your content gets shared tremendously. So it is very important to regularly practice social bookmarking of your site at various high PR social bookmarking sites.

2. Using Signatures On Various High PR Forums

Forum posting is an ever green SEO method and has been a sure shot formula for many years now. This is a sure shot formula for gaining authority as a blogger and can also get targeted traffic by solving various queries on those forums. The backlink with an anchor text can be placed at the space where the forum designates its members to put up a signature. But always try not to spam the forum as your run the risk of getting banned.

3. Youtube Videos

Now Youtube is one of the highest visited sites with a PR of 9 and a dofollow link from Youtube can do wonders to your backlink profile.

For this what you have to do is create a channel and upload a video and in the about section provide a link to your money site and you are done. This link is absolutely necessary for somebody’s backlink profile and this will go a long way in providing you a lot of awesome link juice.

So I hope these small but effective backlinking and seo tips helps you with your starter SEO requirements. And if you do have any additional tips to add to these SEO and backlinking tips please do comment below!


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