9 Best Bird Face Tattoo Designs And Ideas

When we see birds we always get a feeling of freedom and happiness. We within ourselves feel a ray of hope. A ray of accomplishment to our goals. Birds depict many things in nature, they are free, carefree, can go anywhere they want, can fly beyond limits, have no boundaries and lots more. Every bird is beauty in itself. Each one has its unique characteristic, feature and pattern. Birds are God’s most wonderful creation.

In this article we will discuss about some awesome new ideas of bird tattoos on face! Yes, on face! If you are a tattoo freak then you would not have any problem tattooing your face. As, tattooing a face is the most difficult job. It needs lots of guts to face the consequences afterwards. Whatever the case may be face tattoo with a bird has always been in the top list of tattoo artist. Refer below for 9 Best Bird Face Tattoo Designs And Ideas .

  1. Open wings

A bird with open wings and in a flying mode is one of the top most and top graded tattoos. This type of tattoo depicts that you are person with a big heart and you always try reaching the sky. You may draw this tattoo on to your side face or near neck area.

Open wings

  1. Black and bold tattoo

Mostly girls with fair complexion are going to say big yes to this tattoo. This is one of the most beautiful bird face tattoo. It is not restricted that only girls can have these even boys with good complexion can try this. You just need to get your favorite bird and fill that with black color.

Black and bold tattoo

  1. Why only one bird?

When you are ready to fill up your whole face then why you want to compromise with just one bird? You must go with more than one or more than any number as much as you want. You must decorate your face with your wish with a flock of beautiful birds.

Why only one bird

  1. Shadow birds

Well having a shadow effect from a tattoo is really very attractive. So you may try a tattoo on your face with a shadow effect of a bird. That may be anywhere on your face may it be on the whole face or a sideways or just a small on the back of ears.

Shadow birds tattoo

  1. Colorful kingfisher tattoo

When you have a tattoo on your body then the tattoo is the art and your body is a canvas. Color your thoughts, feelings and love over it. Kingfisher is one of the most attractive bird go for it in any size preferably on your cheek. You will surely like it.

Colorful kingfisher tattoo

  1. Your preference is out most

Your body your choice! Obviously here you can just get an idea final choice will always be in your hands only. Below are some birds which are good to be made on face. Try your favorite one.

Your preference is out most

7. Bat and blind

Bat is a blind bird. Yet it is the most preferred tattoo, the reason behind it may be that it is a bit evil and looks really good on any body part. Also, on face it is a good choice.

Bat and blind . birds tattoo

8.Tribal birds

Well the art of having a tattoo is historical. And having tribal bird tattoo is  unique yet trendy idea. This type of tattoo will not only look different from a normal bird tattoo but will also be memory of from where this art form started.

Tribal birds tattoo designs

9. Combo of insects and birds

Though butterfly is not a bird but is really beautiful insect. You can design your own tattoo with a butterfly and birds this colorful and beautiful combination results best.

Combo of insects and birds tattoo designs

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