5 Best Free Powerful Seo Tools For Beginners


Seo is one of the most if not the most important practices which help webmasters to rank their sites in the search engine rank placements. If done the correct and genuine way then it can boost your ranking upto the first page of the search engine, and if done the the illegitimate way and over optimize our seo then we stand a risk of being penalized By the the search engines.

So luckily we have a few free and very powerful seo tools at our disposal and its useful for the beginners and they can start of their seo careers using these free but powerful seo tools.

Google Analytics

Its the first thing that hits a webmaster when anybody asks him about seo or analytics. its being practiced by from small blog owner to big brands that have an online presence. The best part is that its free and gives a lot of information to the webmaster about their site and the stats surrounding it.

It gives insights on how the the visitors are using your site, through what sources they stumbled upon your site and what are the ways through which they can keep coming back.


Google Webmaster Tools

This is another mind boggling, number crunching tool from Google. And as per the slogan given by google these tools improve your sites visibility in the search results. Its provides you with numbers on how the visibility of your pages. webmaster tools help you diagnose any problems on your site and monitor how Google monitors your site and how the robots crawl and index your pages. It also helps in solving all the internal and external linking needs of your site and discover which queries help you get the most visitors from the search engine. And through this tool you can let google know about your pages with sitemaps and tell them which one are the most important and how often do they change.


Bing Webmasters Tool

Now many people overlook this. Bing constitutes for more than 16% of the people who search through Bing and not google. now that 16 % share which seems small in front of the Google’s 67% share but when we turn this into numbers that’s a significant amount of traffic we are talking about which should be leveraged by webmasters. Bing webmasters tool is same as the like the google webmasters except that its helps webmasters who are trying to rank their sites on Bing. It gives us the same numbers as google webmasters like the why, when and how of traffic and other seo tools.


Google Trends

Now this one is for beginners who want to get started with keyword research. Google trends show and throw light on the trending topics all over the internet and the keywords that are being put into the Google search box. It helps you identify the keywords that are viral and the its also shows the keywords that are breaking through the roof. The comparing is also done in a nice way as you can compare a max of 5-6 keywords side by side, you can see the past 7 days to past 10 years of data on a particular keyword  and the country which is most active on searching for that particular keyword.


Google Adwords Tool


Now this is my favourite. It can be a bit handful for beginners and newbies but once you get a hang of it, this tool can find you your way path to the riches. Now this tool is a free tool and its performance can be used to the fullest once you log in to this tool with your Google id. From the perspective of SEO, e can use the tools that are listed. Out of all the tools that are listed there, the two most important are –

  1. The keyword Tool – this tool helps you find keyword upto 800 of them and according to your search requirements. The country, the devices and whole lot of other criterias to choose from. Also has the option to reveal the competition, traffic and monthly searches of that particular keyword.
  2. The contextual Tool – now this shows you the CPC (cost-per-click) of a particular keyword. This is essential as it helps you discover the high CPC keyword that you want to target. This also has the option of comparing the CPC of a particular keyword country-wise

So, Yellers these are the basic yet powerful SEO tools from google and bing that will get you started with your SEO career. Will come up with more post on SEO in the near future. Till then tell us how do you prefer to practice SEO on your part and we would like you to comment in the section below.

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