Top 5 Best Bloggers In India

Today I have brought you the list of “Best Bloggers of India” and their estimated but debatable HIGH Income, they are enjoying from their blogs. Now I want to clear something that before I list these highly successful  bloggers, they have all gone through their struggling periods and they have worked really hard for all the fame and luxury they are enjoying now. So when you read their story, do not feel sad and lose hope that you aren’t even close to their income you are earning right now. Just take inspiration from their stories and work hard towards your success.

So enough of motivating you, now let us get on with the best and top bloggers of India. They started blogging as a hobby and they finally turned that hobby into their business and now they are enjoying that success and the freedom that comes with blogging. Let me tell you, blogging is not an easy shortcut, you may have to work equally hard or more than a day job because after all at the end, it’s your baby and the fruits you will get depends how you nurture and sow your seeds during the initial stages.

Top 5 Highest Earning Bloggers Of India

1. Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

Blog –

Blog owner Amit Agarwal got his Engineering Degree In CS form IIT Roorkee and worked with a lot reputed MNC and fortune 500 companies and then came into blogging scene during the early 2000’s and became famously known as India’s First Full time blogger. He became irritated with those blood sucking high paying day jobs. In 2004 he quit his job to go full time into blogging and made Labnol one of the famous and high adsense earning blogs in india.

Estimated Earning – 30,000 USD per month.

Alexa Rank – Less than 3000 (Global)

2. Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani

Blog –

He is a full time blogger from Hyderabad who is famously known for having more than 400 plus domains under his registered company. He has spread his blogging into various fields such as technology, blogging, cars and even health. Effectively amit is man of his words and He is at present Serving Adsense Ads on 43 Blogs (about 50 ) and a few in the blogs apart from are receiving fantastic Website traffic and Obtaining Good Web page Rank too.

Estimated Earning – 20,000-25,000 USD per month.

Alexa Rank – Less than 50,000

3. Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal

Blog – and many more

This awesome guy from Delhi is the CEO of ShoutDreams Inc. He is the owner of more than 10 high adsense and affiliate earning blogs. He gave up his high flying IT career to completely focus on blogging full time and he is now reaping huge income from his various blogs and blog coaching services. He even charges 200 dollar per hour for coaching people on blogging and he is taking more bigger strides to success than ever before. Some of his blogs are

ShoutDreams is a company focused on Setting Blogging as a career option in India. ShoutDreams have some of the popular Indian Blogs in the list, that includes:

Alexa Rank – less than 5,000

Estimated Earnings – 18,000 – 20,000 USD per month.

4. Jaspal Singh

Jaspal Singh

Blog –

Mechanical engineer by profession but what he does for a living is totally different than what an engineer does and that is blogging and creating awesome content. He also like playing the guitar and is a serious gym guy which is totally evident from his physique. He secretly owns a lot of blogs but he is happy in keeping them a secret. That is why his estimated income that we are quoting may be quite off target.

Alexa Rank – less than 20,000

Estimated Earnings – 15,000-20,000 USD per month.

5. Raju PP

Raju PP

Blog –

Prior to blogging he was working as a Technical Specialist in Infosys Technologies Ltd, a leading IT firm from India. He was featured amongst 151 Top Tech Indians by Exhibit magazine in May 2011. While the Economic Times listed him amongst the top web entrepreneurs in India in September 2011, the HT Brunch magazine listed him as the most influential Indian on the social media in the field of Technology.

Alexa Rank – less than 25,000

Estimated earnings – 10,000-15,000 USD per month.

These 5 bloggers are the current champions of blogging scene in India and there are many more who are competing each and every day to reach this level of high earning. So hoping if you are a blogger to not give up and aim big to reach these top bloggers of India in the recent future. If you have doubts or wan to add any other blogger do comment below!

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