How to Recover From Google Panda Effect (8 Tips)

In this period of internet, bloggers are aware about the problems which are going to be held in their way. Google panda is playing the major role in the list of that kind of problems In the recent past, we have seen the ridiculous effect of the latest update of Google panda on some of famous and active websites and blogs such as Squidoo, hubpages and much more But the main motto of the Google panda effect is to eradicate the bad quality contents from the web.

google panda

Many websites never pay courtesy on their content and get affected by Google panda effect. If your site is also affected by same issue here we discuss some steps which will help you to get out of the Panda effect.

Google Panda Update Recovery

Know Your Posts

First Thing First, Make a list of all posts and then check all post for spell mistakes and content quality.
Note: Do Not Use Synonyms on Your Posts.

Internal linking

As external linking or backlink is Important for any website or Blog same as Internal Linking is also Important for any website or blog. So Try to Interlink all old posts with New once with relevant Keywords.

Google Services

Anyone or Anything gives more preference their things first. Same fact applies on Google services. Google gives more preference their sites and services like Google Plus, You tube etc.

PR Authenticity

If you want to update your PR then it’s a better idea to submit guest post on high PR sites for backlinks. You can also posts comments on high profile sites.

Annoying Ads

Anyone wants to make money by blogs and websites. But it’s not a good idea to paste so many ads on their wall. It can annoy the daily visitors which could be a reason to destruct the relation between your site and the visitor and hence the number of daily visitors to go down and create a great loss for your website

Content King

Content is King of your site. Duplicate Content can totally destroy your website. So please take strict steps against duplicate contents.

Site Update

The significant way to grab the continuous attention of daily visitors is to add new things to the website. New changes are able to please the eyes and mind of the visitors. Do more and more good changes and get appreciation from the visitors.

SEO Manager

Adding good and impressive content to your website is not enough to reach in a good position in the field of internet. Main thing is to make your website more searchable in a search engine A good search engine optimizer is the only person who can make your website search engine friendly. This will not only protect your website from the ridiculous Google Panda Effect, but also provide good page ranking.

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