5 Proven Methods to Dominate Google Panda Updates

He is here. It’s inevitable. It’s acknowledged as Google Panda , the newest Google’s search algorithm formula which always tries in promoting the top high-quality subject material websites basically by dooming usually the rankings related to sub standard content sites. Since its release plus updates, a large amount of blogs have shown to wind up as horribly being affected by the exact algorithm criteria, however the ugliest gossip we have found, he or she can execute almost absolutely nothing to recover the rankings as well as blog traffic. This means that, rankings of news and social media sites amplified while ranks for advertising sites were dumped. This variation damaged the search results of almost 12% of web sites. Despite the fact that did made justice but nevertheless, that triggered unforeseen drop in website traffic for plenty of high quality web-sites.

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Losers And Winners

Panda losers are still losing their steam. Some of the major sites have been listed below :

  • EzineArticles.com
  • HubPages.com
  • AssociatedContent.com
  • Mahalo.com
  • Examiner.com
  • Suite101.com
  • Buzzle.com
  • Squidoo.com
  • Buzzillions.com



And sites with top traffic gains:

  1. ebay.com
  2. facebook.com
  3.  instructables.com
  4.  youtube.com

Some Google Panda Facts

At this moment prior to you progress, read on for some variables you must know about Google panda: It’s actually a domain level penalty. A handful of ineffective blog posts can possibly drop entire domain ranking. Google trust in good quality sites. Google Panda lessens down entire standing associated with substandard web pages. On-site SEO optimization turns out to be valuable. The standard of a post is without a doubt taken as a prime feature for ranking. Specialized niche relying sites are better than non-specific websites. Social bookmark together with promotion is very rewarding. Particularly Google+1 is incredibly important.

How To Recover From Panda And Be Safe From Future Updates

As of date there has been thousands of blog posts totally dedicated to this topic but right now I am going to say that, the methods I am going to tell you (which are already discussed by top blogs) are the ones that if you follow them, you would not have to spend sleepless nights day dreaming about the next Google Panda update . So stick this list somewhere you do your blogging and you will be PANDA SAFE.

1. Separate Away Inferior Quality Website content

Google hates short and low quality Articles. So review each and every content on your blog and separate out all the auto-generated content. Don’t let Google to index and crawl your not so good (inferior quality content) areas of your blog because if it does then it wont spare you even a little bit as low value content will cause the algorithm to get hold of and it will slap you with a heavy penalty which will take you months and years to recover from even if you have majority of the cont as genuine and high quality.

2. Concentrate On Unique Website Content

The Panda is penalizing each and every stealer and duplicator. It has not even spared the famously known and huge content farms like ehow and article base. So try to concentrate on your own expertise and write genuine articles and stop copying and chopping articles from other online resources, because remember THE PANDA is watching every content of your.

3. Focus on being an Authoritative Figure

Google is now trusting and awarding those sites with high serps who have the trust of the readers and an authoritative command over its readers and followers. Trust can be measured by any parameter, the tweets you throw out, the links pointing towards your articles, the comments and how many those are on your articles, you social buzz and your authoritative clout you have on your readers and loyals. Write a post which people would want to bookmark, or share on their social networks and most important of all it should be solving a problem and should not be a mere shallow article on a particular topic. Focus on creating articles with these points as your eligibility criteria and you will definitely be making THE PANDA happy.

4. Always maintain Online advertising Ratio Healthy

Do you fill your site with lots of cheap earning ads. Don’t do that because google sees that as an inferior quality of web page. 3-4 ads to the max are good enough and should not hinder with the overall visual and user experience and page loading speed. Keep the advertisements to the minimum and your reader will always recommend your site to others for having a uncluttered web design and site structure and also be good in the eyes of THE PANDA.

5. Keep your Backlinks Healthy and High Quality

Do you like a filthy and dirty neighborhood? I guess no or is it? but the point I want to put forward is that Google does not happily agree to a site linked by or getting linked to another inferior quality site so what do they do? GOOGLE PENALIZES THEM FOR HAVING A BAD FRIEND. So guys stop paid link selling service because you are harming yourself and even if you have to do it do it a nofollow and not a dofollow ones. And try to build links naturally and at a steady pace because  something fishy with link building and Google notices an abrupt change in your monthly link building efforts, you are sure to get penalized. Another important factor after backlinking comes your internal linking efforts. By internal linking you make the Google robots very happy because they get to index you site faster and go through your whole site like a breeze and in turn Google will award with high serps as their robots were happy after site inspection.

So after implementing these best practices, comes the waiting and the recovery period which should last from around 2 months to 8 months as per industry experts to attain the traffic levels before THE PANDA penalized you. Keep practicing these methods on a regular basis and on Google analytics of your site, you will definitely reap the fruits of your hardwork.

Comment below to tell us how would you have handled The Google Panda.

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