5 Best Author Box Plugins For WordPress Blog

Today I am going to show you about the most in demand Author Box plugins for our readers. Author Box plugins are ideal plugin for every blogger which gives them huge benefit. These plugins are also useful for those who running multi author blog.

With Author Box plugin, your readers can easily follow you on various social networking sites. Author box plugin also gives you a space where you can write authors bio. These author box plugins also allow you to show image of your authors via gravatar form. In this post, I have collected lots of author box plugin free of cost as well as premium. You can easily install these plugins on your WordPress website and take them to advanced level.

1. Fancier Author Box

This is an excellent plugin. Its has all of the appropriate social network widget tabs and also you can even modify the color scheme to match your web site but nonetheless retain the appear and really feel in the terrific hunting bio box.
But what I truly like is definitely the potential to add rel=author verification that google wants to see in your internet site and articles on your site.

Review Fanciest Author Box

Best Fanciest Author Box Features

  • Widgets
  • Shortcodes
  • Template tags
  • Translation ready
  • Customizable color scheme using color pickers
  • Random author option for widgets
  • Automatically added before/after (or both!) on your posts, pages and custom post types
  • Option to show it in your RSS feeds

Widgets for Major Social Networks

  • Latest tweet, Twitter Bio
  • Facebook likes & subscribe
  • Google+ add to circles button & rel=author verification (read FAQ section) <—very important feature
  • LinkedIn widget
  • Custom HTML tab

2. Social Author Bio

One of the most easy to use and highly used author box plugin for WordPress blogs. This plugin leverages the power of social networks and hands you the power to easily link all the networks in the bio. By this all your blog readers can enjoy your freshest blog posts and can easily help you spread your posts like wildfire. When you able this plugin on your blog, the plugin is awesomely connected with one’s Google+ account and this will help you get authorship when your posts appear in search results. The plugin is always updates regularly by the creators of the plugin.

Major Features of Social Author Bio –

Social Author Bio

  • Capacity to adjust avatar size (admin)
  • Decision of location i.e. major or bottom on the posts
  • Number of custom raise increased from five to ten
  • New shortcode [social_bio_icons] which displays only the Social Icons and lots more

3. Elite Members – WP Author Listing

Elite Members is really a WordPress plugin for displaying prime contributors/authors inside a internet site. Have you ever wanted to list your authors as outlined by the amount of posts they’ve created or have you ever wanted to list “last week’s major author” or “Top Contributors for the Year”? This plugin will be great for you. With multiple layouts to choose from, Elite Members can show authors in grids and lists.

The plugin can be added with an author box which is visible at the end of every blog post displaying the details Therefore uniquely the Elite members author box will lead the readers of your blog to various social networks . With unique styles in thoughts, the author box will show links to leading social website and author’s biography. Custom fieldsfields are obtainable for Authors to add their social links from their profile.

Elite Members – WordPress Author Listing and Box Main Features

  • Admin Settings
  • Widget, Shortcode, Template Tags and Automatic Insert available
  • 3 Author box styles
  • 4 Author listing styles
  • Extra Profile fields
  • jQuery Effects on Author Box
  • Configurable color options
  • Avatar Shapes

4. Custom About Author

Similar to the Social Author Bio, but it is limited with just 4 social networks. It strictly does not contain the hyper links that connect the reader with your author archives. So the main feature to use this plugin is that it will take readers to different areas of your blog without taking them to your archives. So this is a good plugin to sort of make your less known posts go viral.

Custom About Author

Plugin attributes:

  • Display author profile at end of post.
  • Show web page user profile or maybe a custom profile.
  • Custom profile displayed take precedence more than website profile.
  • In a position to display ANY custom profile (will not really need to match the username of your post author)
  • Capability to show profile display on a per post author basis or on a post basis.
  • Solution to include social media buttons on both site profile or custom profile.
  • Custom Profile is fully configurable. You’ll be able to pick out to display something you like in there.

5. Better Author Bio

This plugin is tremendously effective, very simple, easy to use and comes with a clean interface and will look awesome on any theme without the need of any changes or edits on the .css which is why I really advocate this plugin to many of my clients. Basically adds an author bio box after every single post automatically on its own. You can select where exactly you wish to place it. It is even possible to add and link one’s Blog, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles with the bio.

Better Author Bio


  • It is very basic, clean and sophisticated
  • All the posts can be read written by the author
  • Author’s Blog Link
  • Social Profile Links of the author
  • Number of Articles written by author is also shown
  • Easy as hell to set up and configure the settings.

So hope you liked our this post on plugins that will be help you to feature your social profiles, most recent posts and also an eye catching author bio. These plugins are the some of the best that are out there which can easily complete the requirements for an author box after each post on your blog. If you have any other alternative or may be some other author plugins, please do comment below!

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