Why Blog Directory Submission Is Important For Your Blog

The main difference between a search engine like Google and a blog or website directory is that simple fact that a search engine like Google spiders the web in search of brand new sites and blogs and then it indexes all the links from that particular blog or site depending upon the content it provides. But on other hand a blog directory equips a blogger to submit links manually under a mentioned category as well provide other information regarding the site as well. Then a certain procedure is followed by each blog directory of reviewing of the submitted links by human editors and thus resulting in accepting or rejecting of that particular link.

Blog Directory Submission

Additional and more blog directories today are hiring trained and experienced reviewers who evaluate the submitted links after you place them under the acceptable categories. This tremendously lowered the job from the search engines like Google due to the fact that on any given day, human-reviewed links are far more trust able than the software-reviewed links.

So how are blog directory submissions and search engine rankings connected?

The search engines taking numerous factors into account when ranking your internet site. A few of them are:

How relevant would be the content material of the website?

How is that content organized?

Just how much relevant content material your blog has?

How is the navigation and inter-linking on your blog organized?

How several relevant outgoing hyperlinks you may have and what anchor texts you might have used?

How many incoming/inbound hyperlinks you have got from external blogs, and how well do these web sites rank on several search engines?

How Submitting to blog directories can really help?

It is a fact that you wont be able ever say that your blog or money site has more than necessary publicity. Sometimes, bloggers commit the serious mistake of creating a blog and posting stuff on it but without any promotion. By doing this you will get noticed by the people when you have content worth around 8-9 months of writing as it takes time for search engines to rank your articles and content, but this is not quickest or the most efficient route hand over your awesome blog content to your audience. So one needs t take some serious steps to make people notice his/her blog.

Nowadays its is really simple to get your blog registered on the best blog directories. As it is just a matter of few minutes to fill out forms with details on your blog on high page rank directories so that you begin to pass on that page rank from the directories to your blog. Though it is not such a huge marketing and promotion tactic but nevertheless it is said that something is always better than nothing and therefore submitting to blog directories is a boon for every blog.

Blog Directories – The Top Ones


Directory Name Google Page Rank Alexa Traffic Rank Registration Required
www.bloglines.com 9/10 7334 Yes
www.technorati.com 8/10 1763 Yes
www.chime.in 8/10 4514 No
www.boingboing.net 7/10 4084 Yes
www.blogs.com 7/10 4224 No
www.bloggers.com 6/10 3458 Yes
www.redtram.com 6/10 6734 No
www.blogcatalog.com 6/10 8651 Yes
www.blogs.botw.org 6/10 9381 No
www.ontoplist.com 6/10 20414 Yes
www.blogarama.com 6/10 21406 Yes
www.blogdigger.com 6/10 22559 No
www.plazoo.com 6/10 28824 No
www.blogflux.com 6/10 31655 Yes
www.blogtoplist.com 6/10 33337 Yes
www.globeofblogs.com 6/10 47401 No
www.bloggernity.com 6/10 47859 Yes
www.blog-directory.org 6/10 54434 No
www.bloggapedia.com 6/10 126818 Yes
www.bloggeries.com 5/10 39172 Yes
www.blogrankings.com 5/10 53992 Yes
www.addyourblog.com 5/10 57125 No
www.blogville.us 5/10 57797 No
www.blog-search.com 5/10 59488 Yes
www.bloghints.com 5/10 63237 Yes
www.lsblogs.com 5/10 94299 Yes
www.bloghub.com 5/10 96408 Yes
www.tots100.co.uk 5/10 123519 Yes
www.bloguniverse.com 5/10 126046 No
www.britblog.com 5/10 126990 Yes
www.bloggingfusion.com 5/10 132167 Yes
www.bloggernow.com 5/10 195618 Yes
www.indiblogger.in 4/10 5464 Yes
www.marketingscoop.com 4/10 42265 No
www.topblogarea.com 4/10 66568 Yes
www.blogadr.com 4/10 81288 No
www.blogskinny.com 4/10 91100 Yes
www.wilsdomain.com 4/10 98883 No
www.blogsitelist.com 4/10 107670 No
www.topbabyblogs.com 4/10 162404 Yes
www.anse.de 4/10 166388 No
www.spillbean.com 4/10 167986 No
www.blogsrating.com 4/10 267435 No
www.highclassblogs.com 4/10 387361 No
www.blogbunch.com 3/10 164486 No
www.blogfinds.com 3/10 495370 No
www.bloglisting.com 2/10 180700 No
www.blog-collector.com 0/10 59176 No
www.readablog.com 0/10 87698 No
www.weblogalot.com 0/10 157483 No

As a fellow blogger and entrepreneur, you and every blogger will go to any extent to get as much eyeballs and audience visiting your content. These can be through various ways like RSS feeds, web directories, Social marketing and other ways that will create an instant interest among the people who somehow read your content.While people are visiting your website, it becomes your duty to welcome them with informative and high quality. S that once they read your content, the majority of them instantly become a fan of your writing and become a regular returning visitor.

Hope you liked our post on Blog directory submission and its importance. If you have anymore tips regarding blog submission do comment below.

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