Web Design Mistakes Which Can Affect SEO Ranking

A good SEO will modification your website’ image and a nasty SEO also can do a similar however in another method. There are several SEO mistakes that, if not avoided, will ban your web site. Following are few SEO mistakes that ought to be avoided, if you do not need to disappear from computer program listing.



Don’t be over artistic whereas creating your links. Your links mustn’t be created in Java Script or graphics. Search engines do not acknowledge links that are created in graphics. Your links ought to be in an exceedingly text format. If you’ve got a definite word for the link then you must have it in an exceedingly plain text format. creating graphic links will be unfertilized for you.

Having text in Flash

Don’t use flash simply because you recognize regarding this tool. Flash ought to be utilized in an inspired manner as several guests still don’t love moving flash pictures. Search engines cannot acknowledge text written on Flash. If you will have your text written in Flash, then it will not be noticed by search engines. Have all of your text in an exceedingly plain text format.

Having Invisible Text

For many years folks used invisible text to confirm high ranking in search engines. however currently search engines are a lot of chopper than before, and these techniques will facilitate search engines to ban your website. do not use invisible texts in your web site. this may place you within the unhealthy books of search engines.

Using doorway or gateway pages

Doorway or entrance-way pages are those webpages that are specially designed for search engines. These pages do not target the user and are choked with keywords. The content of those pages aren’t relevant are meant to draw in computer program crawlers. this is often another mistake that several SEOs follow. this is often a nasty and unethical approach to amass high ranking. So, create web site for your users not for search engines. Have relevant content in your website and so you will mechanically attain a high rank.

Having No Keyword In Title Tag

If there is any issue which may assist you get high ranking then it should be your title tag. Title tag is that the sentence or words that your user sees on high bar of the net browser. it’s vital to use title tag showing intelligence. you’ll be able to have your keywords within the title tag which may facilitate search engines to understand regarding your keywords. Hence, exploitation no keywords in title tag may be a huge mistake. It’s like killing a chance to induce into the highest list of search engines. Strictly, avoid doing this.

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