Most Expensive AdWords Keywords

When are entering a search term in Google, results pop up and you hardly give a thought to what companies do to make sure that their advertisements pop up on the top of the results.  With the help of Word stream an organization that has software which aids users in creating search engine campaigns we can know the keywords that are the costliest in terms of cost per click(CPC).

With the help of Google’s Adword solutions, sites have made their ad campaigns. Here is some information on the costliest keywords. This data has been arrived at by WordStream after extensive study as per category and volume of search.

Most Expensive AdWords Keywords.

  • Insurance – $54.31 per click: Apparently the term insurance ranks high in terms of CPC. The keyword in this category also includes the term Auto Price quotes
  • Loans – $44.28 per click: Next comes the word loans that also encompasses words like – graduate, student and consolidate. Apparently companies in this category can afford to splurge on ads as they can earn steady income from consumers over a period of time
  • Mortgage – $47.12 per click: These number match to the keywords in the top keywords from this category. Mortgage is in third position and the keywords also include mortgages, second and refinanced.
  • Attorney – $47.07 per click: Keeping up with what we have seen of the above words this one makes a lot of logical sense. This is so because the spending on attorneys would follow the trend of spending a lot or borrowing. The word attorney is fourth with the keywords including the term ‘personal injury attorney’.
  • Credit – $36.06 per click: Considering what words have come earlier, the word credit should be no surprise for the 5th position. Plus credit card companies are always on the look out for more customers and tracing old ones. Â ‘home equity line of credit’ is one sample among the many keywords for advertisements from this segment.
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  1. Dev

    I think Related to software keywords are also very expensive keywords. Because i am using software related keywords in ad word and i am seeing these keywords per click cost is very high.


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