Age of the Drones

Quadcopters are pretty innovative.  In the last fifteen years or so, they have taken the world by storm.  Drones have a variety of uses, and many of them are practical.  But then recreational use is also absolutely top-tier with a quadcopter.  Consider the Phantom 2 vision plus.  In Australia, this quadcopter drone is exceptionally popular.  It comes ready to fly with a built-in camera.  Imagine you need some footage for a film.  Cranes are pretty expensive, but slap a Go Pro on a Quadcopter and you get some serious, professional footage.

Age of the Drones

Quadcopters are exceptionally stable and, with their remote control technology, flying a quadcopter with a cam on it is kind of like playing a four dimensional computer game.  The Phantom 2 vision plus is one of Australia’s premiere quadcopters.  It comes with a built-in camera, and a huge touch screen attached to its controls.  A Go Pro was mentioned earlier, but the Phantom 2 vision plus comes with its own high definition camera already attached.  The fact is that camera has some of the most professional footages you’ve ever seen.  Before, sweeping shots of the environment, natural phenomena, or aerial photography were realms of expression beholden to exceptionally well-funded individuals.  With the Phantom 2 vision plus, for below two thousand dollars, you can create shots that would have literally cost hundreds of thousands to engineer, just a few decades ago.  Imagine floating a quadcopter over an active volcano.  If you’ve got the acumen to pilot it correctly, you could choreograph an aerial battle from the first-person perspective for an independent film.

If you don’t have passion about film making but are looking for a new toy with a variety of uses, it’s hard to go wrong with the Phantom 2 vision plus.  Also, surveillance solutions become simultaneously entertaining and streamlined with a quadcopter.  Say you work security at a job harbouring a variety of risks associated with break-ins or trespass.  With a quadcopter, you can follow the miscreants directly.  Home security has never been more comprehensive or available.

Between recreational and practical uses, quadcopters have proven themselves a new pillar of technology.  With the Phantom 2 vision plus, especially in Australia, new users are finding the experience of using it downright exhilarating and intuitive.  The fact is, first time quadcopter flyers will come against a bevy of difficulties.  The folks at DJI saw this truth, and decided to work past it.  The Phantom 2 vision plus has been designed specifically to make first-time flyers comfortable, and attenuated to the Phantom’s working as quickly as possible.  It is literally designed for the everyman in society.  What good is a piece of cutting edge technology if that technology is impractical?  Quadcopters are lightweight and can travel high, high into the air.  The Phantom 2 vision plus has autopilot options, auto-takeoff procedures, a built-in GPS so you don’t lose it, auto-return functions–it can fly itself smoothly and directly for those difficult to capture shots.  Long battery life and easy recharge also contributes to the Phantom 2 vision plus’s appeal.  The screen on the controller provides live 720 HD viewing for your convenience.

Rise above Custom Drone Solutions sells the Phantom 2 vision plus to Australians at the most competitive prices.  If you can find a cheaper one, Rise Above will price match.  Australia is vast and beautiful, and some of the most iconic aerial photography can be yours; whether for a private film or your own personal entertainment, there are a variety of reasons to buy a Phantom 2 vision plus quadcopter, and almost endless application of its features.  Contact Rise Above and find the horizons you couldn’t explore before.

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