10 Most Expensive Burgers of 2013

Creating extremely rich while keeping a close check on the expense, the hamburgers have become a common stunt for the bistros around the world for over the past decade (10 years now). The burger is best known for its role as the king of fast food, but fine feasting has taken the burger and turned it into an absorbing culinary extravagance.

Below is the ultimate list we have for the world’s most expensive burgers.

1. 777 Burger – about $70 or $777 paired with a bottle of Dom Pérignon Le Burger Brassiere, Las Vegas

777 Burger

This exclusive Kobe beef burger also features Maine lobster best with caramelized onions, Brie, crusty prosciutto and 100-year aged balsamic vinegar. The jug of Rosé Dom Pérignon champagne may actually contribute as much as the burger to the price though.

2. The DB “Royale” Double Truffle Burger – $120
The DB Bistro Moderne, New York / Daniel Boulud Brasserie, Las Vegas

In 2007, celebrity chef Daniel Boulud gave the burger a conversion. The unique burger was stuffed with red wine-braised short ribs, off the bone obviously and included foie gras, a mix of root vegetables and preserved black truffle and then a twofold serving of fresh black truffles to top off the burger. The burger was served on toasted parmesan and poppy seed bun and a duo choice condiment, fresh horseradish and oven roosted tomato confit.

Today you can visit the DB Bistro Modern in New York and order the original DB burger, with a few less truffles for $32.

3. The Tri-Beef Burger – $125
The Old Homestead Steakhouse, Boca Raton

The Tri-Beef Burger

The hamburger was served up with signature Chipotle ketchup which incorporated the ingrediants truffles and champagne. The restaurant’s owners contribute $10 of every sale of the $125 burger to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Don’t worry too a great deal if you overlooked this burger in 2006, if you stopover one of the Old Homestead Steakhouse locations today you can still order a 20oz Kobe burger.

 4. The X Burger – 180,000 won, or about $160
W Hotel, Seoul Korea

The X Burger

Chef Ciaran Hickey brings you a burger made of Australian Wagyu beef topped with seared foie gras and shaved black truffles on a brioche bun. The burger is topmost with tomato, grilled red onion, fresh asparagus, wild pine mushroom plants, and a lobster conclusion and escorted by a sauce collection of brunoise tomato salsa, dark red wine truffle sauce, and truffle aioli.

5. The Fleurburger 5000 – $75 (or $5000 when paired with wine)
Fleur, Las Vegas

The Fleurburger 5000

Hubert Keller originally gained burger fame for The Fleurburger which was served in his Las Vegas restaurant Fleur de Lys (now renamed simply Fleur). The burger could be ordered by itself for a mere $75.

But, if you were apt to drop $5,000 on a meal, and enjoyed Bordeaux wine, you could regulate the burger with a bottle of 1990 Château Pétrus wine. As part of the meal you received a certificate to prove that you ate the world’s most expensive hamburger and wine pairing.

The burger itself was made of Kobe beef and principal with foie gras and even the famous black truffles and served up on a brioche truffle bun and adorned with a sauce holding even extra truffles.

6.  The Rossini – $60
The Burger Bar, Las Vegas

The Rossini

If you visit the San Francisco location, you will have to enjoy the burger without the foie gras after the statewide ban went into effect this year. Chef Hubert Keller has cemented his place as the burger chef by launching his Burger Bar restaurant in 3 locations, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Saint Louis. The most accessible burger on our list, the Rossini comes in at a mere $60.

The Rossini is composed of Kobe beef, sautéed foie gras, lacking hair truffles, Madeira sauce on an onion bun. The burger is termed after 19th century Italian composer Giachino Rossini.

The burger bar might be expensive for a burger restaurant, but it is still affordable if you want to try a gourmet burger. For less than $20, you can create your own Kobe beef burger with the toppings of your choice

 7.  The Douche Burger – $666
666 Burger, New York

The Douche Burger

The owner of the food truck, Franz Alique has this to articulate about the world’s mainly expensive burger, “It consists of a f—ing burger overflowing and topped with affluent people s–t.”

8.  The Burger – £95, or about $186
Burger King, West London

The Burger

The Burger King establishment was made with Wagyu gripe. It is also decked out with white truffles, onion tempura equipped in Cristal sparkling wine and some of Spain’s finest Pata Negra prosciutto. All of this was obtainable in an Iranian saffron and truffle bun.

While derided as a cheap promotion stunt, proceeds from The Burger profited a local charity, Help A London Child.

9.  Le Burger Extravagant – $295
Serendipity 3, New York

Le Burger Extravagant

New York, Serendipity 3, identified for also having the world’s most classy sundae and hotdog, lately opened the Le Burger Extravagant. What else can carry up the price of this burger? Well it come with a solid gold toothpick, coated with diamonds.

The burger consists of a Japanese Waygu beef patty infused with 10-herb white truffle butter and seasoned with smolder marine salt. The cheeseburger textures a cheddar cheese aged for 18 months by eminent cheese creator James Montgomery. There is no Expensive burger is complete without truffles, in this case shaved black ones.

10.   The Richard Nouveau Burger – $175
Wall Street Burger Shoppe, New York

The Richard Nouveau Burger

The ten-ounce Kobe beef burger was pinnacled with black truffles, arid foie gras, aged Gruyere cheese, wild mushrooms and fleck and crumbles of gold leaf. Like the Fleur burger, it was also provided on a brioche bun.

Obviously the expensive cheeseburger wasn’t a huge success for the Wall Street Burger Shoppe, as the restaurant closed and filed for liquidation in 2011. The Richard Nouveau was a 2008 entry into the burger hall of reputation.

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