10 innovative gadgets that are changing the future

If you don’t know about the existence of these remarkable gadgets, you are missing out on a lot in life. And you are also losing the chance to simplify your life. Here are 10 creative gadgets which you must know about and if possible, also own them in your life:

  • Flying alarm clock
  • One of the hottest selling products of 2015, flying alarm clock has become a boon for those who have an endless affair with their bed. With it, you cannot hit the booze button and go back to sleep. When it rings, it flies and therefore you have to get up from your bed to catch it and silent it. Cool wicked! Right? Get it today itself at incredible prices using eBay coupons present on CashKaro


  • Self-stirring mug
  • So coffee is your drug and without completing your dose of addiction in morning, your brain refuses to work. But in this fast paced life, it has become difficult to spare time even for preparing coffee. Now make that a history with this self-stirring mug. Just put in the ingredients and the cup will automatically prepare your coffee for you.

  • Wall socket safe
  • Now travel far away without the fear of losing your valuables or keep confidential files at home without the worry of them being gone in wrong hands. A wall socket safe looks just like a regular plug but it has a drawer in it which makes for a safe option for your precious items.

  • Wireless key finders
  • Most people and especially women like to carry their world in their handbags. And when it comes to unlocking the door of their house, they have to spend hours searching for the keys. A wireless key finder will cut down your key hunting woes with its advanced color coded technology. You can buy them online at the best discounted prices using Amazon India coupons available on CashKaro

  • Jewels ice cube tray
  • Now add extra glamour to your party by serving drinks loaded with diamonds looking cubes. Jewels ice cube tray will add oodles of oomph in your cocktails. Add a punch of food coloring for extra fun!
  • Pizza scissors
  • Did your last party witness two people fighting over the biggest slice of pizza? If yes, you most definitely need these pizza scissors in your life. Pizza scissors will save you from any further embarrassment as with their help you can cut pizza in equal slices. Now no more fights and no more mess!

  • Heated travel mug
  • Now a cup of steaming cup of coffee is just a heated travel mug away! Make those times a thing of past when you had to spend your day on a bad start with sipping hot coffee gone cold. A heated travel mug will heat up your drink anywhere and anytime provided you insert USB cable into it for its functioning. Enjoy a hot cup of tea anytime now in dreary winters!

  • Lipstick pepper spray
  • Each woman must possess this super useful gadget. Disguised in the shape of a lipstick, it is actually a pepper spray which can impair someone’s vision for a temporary period of time. Use it in case of emergencies and make escape from ugly situations in a timely manner.

  • Comb knife
  • Because safety is not just limited to women, a comb knife is a great gadget which can be owned by men and women both. It looks like a comb but has a knife inside it, which should be used for protecting yourself.


  • Selfie stick
  • Selfie stick has become a craze! You can capture beautiful selfies from a distance without having to ask strangers plethora of times to capture your photographs. It’s a travel-friendly device since it is foldable and fits easily into a handbag.

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