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How To Use Android Phone As Webcam

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Webcams are helpful for chatting with family, colleagues, or perhaps a consumer. However, if you would like a digital camera at once and do not have an additional $40 to $80 egg laying around for one, why not use your android device instead? You won’t got to worry concerning

10 Latest Free Android Application in 2013

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Android is the most growing OS in today’s world here we collect 10 Latest Free Android Application in 2013. Google Keep The Evernote rival offers a similarly sleek and clean interface to write down your shopping list but also transcribes voice notes automatically, turns notes into checklists and can

25+ Best Free Android Games

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As robot phones and tablets have raised in quality, the amount of apps accessible for the platform has rocketed.And that means that a lot of free robot games. there is a heap of junk out there however, as luck would have it, there are gems among the junk.Limited area

Top 10 Most Expensive Android Apps

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Android application offers limitless features. Android market is updating with new apps on daily basis.  But, there are some applications which barely used by any user. This is not only because they are useless but they are too costly. Some android apps are too expensive to get in use.

Top 10 Android Smartphone for 2013

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Android devices have always been captivating us with all new types and intentional schemes. Some with exciting power, while some with lustrous design and huge screen. Some made for commercial work while others will be made purely for Gaming. Have a look at few of the Top android phones