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Top 10 Most Expensive Android Apps

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Android application offers limitless features. Android market is updating with new apps on daily basis.  But, there are some applications which barely used by any user. This is not only because they are useless but they are too costly. Some android apps are too expensive to get in use.

Most Expensive Domain Names Over The Net

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Domain is the first step for setting up a website. Domain sellers makes too much more than our expectations. It is a big business platform nowadays. Have you ever imagined how much a prime domain can cost ? Here is a list of most expensive domains of all time.

10 Most Expensive Burgers of 2013

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Creating extremely rich while keeping a close check on the expense, the hamburgers have become a common stunt for the bistros around the world for over the past decade (10 years now). The burger is best known for its role as the king of fast food, but fine feasting

Most Expensive AdWords Keywords

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When are entering a search term in Google, results pop up and you hardly give a thought to what companies do to make sure that their advertisements pop up on the top of the results.  With the help of Word stream an organization that has software which aids users

Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones

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The progressing step of science and technology help us to step inside the world of technology and digitization. And the fashion helps to change the outfits of the world and start the era of modernization. When the flavor of science mixes with the flavor of fashion, it produces very

12 Most Expensive Wines in The World

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Wine has been discovered 4000 years ago. It is as old as the civilized world. It may be the most drinkable thing after water. Am I talking stupid? Anyway, but there are people who love wine more than anything. People who travels thousand of miles to taste various kinds

10 Most Expensive Cities In The World

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Even though if you are a millionaire  or economical in spending for yourself, but you will definitely like to remove Japan out from your  The reason behind is that  two Japanese cities, Tokyo and Osaka have become the top most expensive cities in the world this year. These cities

11 Most Expensive Fighter Jets In The World

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With the rapid advancement in the field of science, defense technology is also developing with a rapid rate. Most of the countries in the world are spending a large part of their GDP to develop their defense power and equipments. Air force is considered as the most powerful thing

13 Most Expensive Dogs in the World

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Peoples often get confused between popular and Expensive DOG breeds. Popular breeds changes year to year and varies country by country. But, Expensive dogs could be from any breed, from a very rare breed or a dog of any popular personality could be a expensive Dog. Below, we have

10 Most Expensive Houses Of Celebrities

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Everyone of us thinks of our dream house, stylish, elegant, well furnished and full of luxuries. Although, as the law of nature balances, everybody cannot possess everything, so, we try to fulfill our quest by exploring the most fantastic houses of our celebs, that are filled with each and