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As we all know that we are living in a world where 53% of internet users access the web through mobile and its still growing therefore if you have website which is not mobile friendly, then 53% of mobile users become unhappy and never visiting back. Thus is

20 jQuery Plugins for Superior Typography

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jQuery gives designers a capability to create their own plugins but an the same time it also gives the flexibility to use already created plugins to maximize the use of code. For that purpose there is a huge number of plugins available in the market to handle different type

15 Best Non-Profit WordPress Themes For Church & Charity

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WordPress non-profit themes have the potential to make a powerful and skilled online presence for those organizations who have a negligible budget to invest. The best part of these non profit WordPress themes is that it requires very less effort and saves a lot of time for building great

5 Bullet Proof Ways to Secure WordPress Blog From Hackers

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A site that has been hacked can experience the ill effects of misfortune of substance, stolen information and costly downtime. Administering the security of your site helps you ensure your notoriety and give your guests the best administration conceivable. Since WordPress is such a famous CMS for blogging, it’s

Best Ways to Drive Traffic From Google Plus to Your Blog

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With great targeted traffic comes ever increasing revenue. And with no traffic on your blog, your fresh blog posts will never get read no matter how much awesome content you create. And with people rehashing old stuff into new packets, everybody is not lucky to get search engine position

Easy Ways To Drive Traffic From Pinterest To Your Blog

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Pinterest is on fire right now with the kind of users and the traffic it is getting for the last few years now. Whatever may be your niche, be it technology, travel or for that matter dog training. You can easily leverage the power of awesome pictures to drive

Drive Traffic From LinkedIn to Your Blog

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LinkedIn is the only social network that revolves around the whole concept of you and your peers are connected through your professional interest and abilities. If a person is into any kind of business be it blogging, offline business or anything for that matter but has a blog that

Simple Way To Drive Massive Traffic From Instagram To Your Blog

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Leveraging the power of social media to gain targeted traffic from various social networks is here to stay as more and more search engines have started to incorporate social signal a basis for positioning the serps. Facebook, twitter and Google plus is the talk of the town when it

30 Best Free Magento Themes Of 2013

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We have already brought Magento Themes in the previous post however now, we have again arranged a good and latest collection of Best Free Magento Themes Of 2013  for our viewers. All these themes are best for your new Magento blog. The Magento commerce has offered versatile, ascendance eCommerce

Top 5 Best Bloggers In India

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Today I have brought you the list of “Best Bloggers of India” and their estimated but debatable HIGH Income, they are enjoying from their blogs. Now I want to clear something that before I list these highly successful  bloggers, they have all gone through their struggling periods and they