5 Must Have Web Analytics Tools For Bloggers

Analytics Tools For Bloggers

Now we want to show you some beneficial and absolutely free tools you can use to monitor what is going on your web page. Monitoring your web page statistics can be important to optimize your website’s content material, monitor which subjects have the highest effect or simply to possess a look at your audience. You can find like a huge selection of such solutions around, but needless to say not all are very good. Sooner or later most of us want to gather some Web statistics. Perhaps it really is for your homework, maybe it truly is truly for study purpose you are performing to get a project, possibly it can really be just out of curiosity. Over the years I came across quite a few internet websites that present these stats, and I decided to list the very best ones in this post.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has fully grown to be substitutable with freed from charge internet analytics and is presumably the terribly 1st service that springs to thoughts when you terribly 1st browse “web analytics.” This package is astonishingly in depth for any whole free service.

Google Analytics allows you to track online page views, traveler data, and conversion rates. you will conjointly set targets and goals which may alter interpret information by comparison variety of things promptly. As associate example, you will calculate what number of your conversions (completed purchases) had been generated by females amongst the ages of eighteen and twenty four World Health Organization reside in California.

Setting targets may build it easier to observe revenue per click (determined by pay-per-click campaigns), come on investment, and ratio.

Adding Google Analytics for your site is straightforward too. All you have got to try and do is place a brief piece of java script on every online page you would like to observe.

AW Stats

AW Stats

AW Stats is typically an completely free period log instrument. in contrast to Google Analytics, AW Stats may be a server-side application created for process of server logs. This signifies that the system is put in regionally on a server, altogether likelihood in your geographical point, in situ of getting to access your data by suggests that of the web.

For the explanation that this will be a log instrument it comes with some intriguing specifications including; it’s essential to possess the power to run Perl (Perl 5.00503 or larger) scripts within the program line or maybe a CGI. once you don’t recognize what the program line or a Perl script is, we tend to advocate you continue Google Analytics.

AWStats permits you to observe online page views (most viewed, entry pages, exit pages, then forth.), visitant facts and many more.

When you square measure quite school savvy, or have someone inside your workplace that’s; scrutinize AWStats as a server-side net analytics answer.



StatCounter is loosely created use of amongst most tech non-savvy net house owners. It offers actual time statistics of your internet guests however the disadvantage of it’s that you simply can have to be compelled to have to be compelled to pay just in case your traffics exceed one,500,000 pagviews a month.

StatCounter utilizes a combination of log analysis and cookies to gather facts and stats on returning guests, 1st time guests, distinctive guests, web page views, and so on. as a result of these 2 ways are applied with one another, the accuracy of traveler information is superior.

To produce details plenty additional correct and correct, StatCounter tracks browsers instead of server requests. this could well create the cross-check count appear low, all the same it offers plenty additional realistic visit stats.

StatCounter conjointly offers a paid service just in case your web site will over 250,000 page masses monthly, otherwise you would really like a log size of over five hundred website masses.



Nice initiative by Neil Patel of Quicksprout. He is one the most sought after SEO experts in this universe and has helped sites like techcrunch to get awesome traffic stats. Crazyegg is not the regular stuff of web analytics, it actually goes one step further by providing you details such as where the visitors are clicking on your site by producing a heat map of the whole UI. This one is definitely to watch out for.



Piwik is one of the most effective website hit counters that is made use of free of charge of price. Piwik is definitely the very best open source site performance tracking computer software which is being used from many years completely cost-free. It is possible to find numerous helpful options like eCommerce analysis choice which you can uncover only in paid solutions at other places.

Like AWStats, you set up Piwik in your net server and embed a small piece of JavaScript on the pages you wish to monitor.

One cool take into consideration of Piwik is its capabilities are built inside plug-ins, which signifies that if you’re a developer, you are able to designs custom plug-ins to mine and display custom information and facts about your site visitors and their actions.

Hope you liked these free web analytics tools for bloggers and if and when you stumble upon more similar sites like these don’t forget to notify us through your valuable comments.

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