10 Most Expensive Houses Of Celebrities

Everyone of us thinks of our dream house, stylish, elegant, well furnished and full of luxuries. Although, as the law of nature balances, everybody cannot possess everything, so, we try to fulfill our quest by exploring the most fantastic houses of our celebs, that are filled with each and every luxury we can even think of. So, we bring to you a list of most expensive houses of our celebrities that will surely leave you with your mouth wide open.

Here We collect 10 Most Expensive Houses Of Celebrities

Aaron Spelling – $150 million

Aaron Spelling home

Occupation – Television producer

Bill Gates – $147.5 million

bill gates home

Occupation – Founder of Microsoft

Gianni Versace – $100 million

Gianni Versace home

Occupation – Italian fashion designer

Oprah Winfrey – $85 million

Oprah Winfrey home

Occupation – Most popular talk-shows

Tiger Woods – $60 million

Tiger Woods home

Occupation – American professional golfer

Hugh Hefner – $54 million

Hugh Hefner home

Occupation – Magazine publisher

Bob and Dolores Hope’s Estate – $50 million

Occupation – The actor Bob

Donald Trump – $41.2 million

Donald Trump home

Occupation – Author and the president of Trump Organization

Alex Rodriguez – $38 million

Alex Rodriguez home

Occupation – Baseball player

Billy Joel – $35 million

Billy Joel home

Occupation – Pianist and composer

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